Warm Soul Food to Get You Through the Winter

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It’s that time of year when your body is craving warm, comforting food to keep that chill at bay. It’s commonly referred to as soul food- the healthier cousin to comfort food. The days are short and the nights are long so cozy up to the idea of warming your insides with hot entrees, delicious… Read more »

Refined Sugar Detox: How to Survive it!

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Sugar Detox! It’s a term you’re probably hearing a lot these days. Sugar intake is majorly on the rise, with it being snuck into pretty much everything. On the other hand, people are coming around to the idea that sugar is extremely taxing on your health so best to avoid it wherever possible. With the… Read more »

A Healthy Gut- The Key to Beauty

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Beauty starts from the inside. Proper digestion is essential for that glowing skin, lush hair, and overall youthful look. Our liver does a lot of work to keep us looking and feeling great. When you nurture that important organ, it does a great job detoxifying all the bad stuff, environmental, and all that goes inside… Read more »

Benefits of Energy Fitbox

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What’s so great about Energy Fitboxt? How can I benefit from this 45-minute class? Will I see results? There are lots of questions when choosing an exercise regime, and I’m here to tell you all about the changes you will see when you join our Fitbox fam. Beginners will Thrive If you have been off… Read more »

What’s so Important About Strength Training?

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Cardio on its own is awesome, but strength training, coupled with intervals, burns more fat, and in turn you feel better! Because we are constantly losing lean muscle mass, strength training is especially important as we age. Here are some benefits of strength training: Develop stronger bones by increasing bone density, and reduce your risk of… Read more »

Trying a Fitbox Class? Here are 10 Things you Should Know!

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Welcome! If your goal is to workout, get fit, and have a great time while doing so you have come to the right place! This well-rounded cardio workout is designed to increase strength, keep your heart healthy, and help you reach those weight loss goals. Our highly trained, energetic instructors will lead you through an… Read more »

3 Easy Tips to Fitness Success

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It’s so easy to start a fitness routine, yet so so challenging to keep it up exactly as you planned.  For lack of a better term, excuses are endless, and although many times they are valid, just as many times they are avoidable. If you are constantly falling out of love with your workout plan,… Read more »

Back-to-School Lunch; Every Parent’s Nemesis

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Back-to-school can definitely feel overwhelming as you ease back into a routine. One of the biggest complaints parents have is lunch, especially when trying to compete with all those heart-shaped cucumber sandwiches. I have amazing news for you; no one needs a heart-shaped sandwich, especially not your kid who is just ploughing through lunch to… Read more »

Back to School: Signs of Anxiety and 5 Remedies

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It’s hard to believe, but summer vacation has come and gone, leaving most of us in a back-to-school frenzy. Anxiety is high during these first weeks and it is vital that both parents and kids take the necessary measures to ensure stress levels are kept under control. Anxious feelings about a new school year are… Read more »