Trying a Fitbox Class? Here are 10 Things you Should Know!

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Welcome! If your goal is to workout, get fit, and have a great time while doing so you have come to the right place! This well-rounded cardio workout is designed to increase strength, keep your heart healthy, and help you reach those weight loss goals. Our highly trained, energetic instructors will lead you through an… Read more »

5 Amazingly Healthy Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

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Happy Friday and happy long weekend! Let’s talk Instagram! Anyone else really inspired by social media these days? Instagram is basically the new google with trending hashtags for anything you could imagine #HealthyLiving . Health and wellness experts have booming accounts and between daily posts, Insta posts, and Live videos (Wait! That’s Facebook?… It’s okay,… Read more »

Make the Switch To Reusable Straws

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Can you imagine a world with no plastic? Probably not. Can you imagine a world where you are not handed a plastic straw at every turn? More and more people are working towards such a world and with minor, everyday changes, so can you. Environmental activists like The Last Straw Toronto have taken the situation… Read more »