I am menopause – #moveitmonday Energy fitbox style!

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I am menopause – Benefits of regular physical activity! Find out what health benefits exercise has to offer during menopause and some different types of physical activity to try. Prevents weight gain In order to lose weight you have to burn calories, which happens when you are physically active. Working up a good sweat does… Read more »

Benefits of Strawberries and a Delightful Recipe

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A sure sign that summer is around the corner happens when the price of strawberries plummet in the grocery store because they are in season, and friends, that lovely time of year has finally arrived. Besides being juicy, delicious, refreshing, and simply gorgeous, strawberries are bursting with health benefits as they are packed with antioxidants,… Read more »

The Egg; Why and How to Eat the Perfect Food

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Breakfast isn’t breakfast without scrambled eggs. Cake isn’t cake without fluffy egg whites. We love them, they are delicious, can’t imagine life without them, and that’s just fine. Eggs have long been dubbed “nature’s perfect food” and it’s no surprise since these tiny packages of goodness provide us with a powerhouse of the essential nutrients… Read more »

7 Signs Your Body Wants a Detox

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How do you know if your body is crying out for a detox? It tells you through signs you might be brushing off as just everyday ailments, or the result of a rough week, a busy weekend, or signs you might be learning to live with. If you know what to look for you can… Read more »