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What are you doing with all of that stuff that doesn’t “spark joy”?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about… never mind, of course you know what I’m talking about.

Marie Kondo, society’s organization darling, is bringing joy to homes across the globe by getting them to chuck all their unwanted, unloved, this doesn’t give me butterflies when I hold it close, stuff.

Where is all this junk going? Is it even junk?

The sad truth is that most of it is ending up in landfills.

Why isn’t the goal to buy less stuff?

While Kondo does allude to the idea that you should only buy something you know you’ll really love, what happens to that once coveted new blouse? It meets the trash as soon as it’s done giving you all the feels, making space for the next whim. Consumerism at its finest!

Minimalism is using what you have, and only buying what you absolutely need.

Quality over quantity. This goes for fashion, home, and everyday life. If you feel like your life is too cluttered and you want to minimize, then by all means, sort through that stuff, but be sure to do it mindfully.

What to do once you have Kondo-d your home:


Of course, giving sparks joy! Charity shops will always take your unwanted things. Donate freely but be sure to choose places where your unwanted items will do good. Women’s shelters, and churches are always in need of things. There are multiple Facebook groups that reach out to the needy locally (check out It.Takes.A.Village.Support).


Before tossing everything out, look for ways to reuse what you have. Old towels make the best dish rags. Your old fancy clothes would get tons of use in your kids dress up box. There are endless possibilities for your old stuff, and being mindful of what you already have can end up saving you a ton of money in the long run.

Hand it Down

Parents with small children! Find another family, even if you don’t believe them to be in need, and offer your gently used baby things. Hand-me-downs are not only to help out a family who can’t afford new things. A set of baby clothes can easily survive three or four children before deemed unwearable. When you pass them down you decrease the amount of stuff in the world. That’s the goal, right?

Marie Kondo makes some really great points. Our lives are definitely filled with too much stuff, much of which goes unused, and into the landfill; a lot of it in perfect condition. It’s unorganized, and that leaves us feeling disheveled. Making a conscious effort to dispose of your things with intention will leave you feeling better about your freedom of space.

Share your de-cluttering success with us by using the hashtag #kondoenergy

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