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If your goal is to workout, get fit, and have a great time while doing so you have come to the right place! This well-rounded cardio workout is designed to increase strength, keep your heart healthy, and help you reach those weight loss goals.

Our highly trained, energetic instructors will lead you through an amazing, full-body workout- the best way to build that resilience necessary for success.

Before trying out a class there are a few things you should know.

  1. Your first class is free!
  2. You can buy your boxing gloves from us, but we also have some on loan.
  3. The class is 45 minutes long, and made up of kicking and punching a body opponent bag (B.O.B), with weights and core workouts thrown in the mix.
  4. Come well hydrated and don’t forget a big water bottle to get you through the class. You WILL need it!
  5. We encourage you to train in bare feet because the benefits are great (read all about it here), however if you are more comfortable in runners, you may bring indoor shoes. Out of respect for our other clients, we take our indoor shoe policy very seriously. Only clean shoes that have not been worn outside.
  6. This is a very high-energy, fast-paced workout. Our instructors work really hard to bring you a routine that is effective, and to the beat of the music.
  7. Energy Fitbox is for ALL fitness levels!
  8. While at times some of our instructors may lead you through a stretch, please warm up your muscles before and after class. This helps unnecessary muscle pain, and can also help prevent injury.
  9. Tones your arms, legs, and abs.
  10. Burn up to 800 calories in one class.

Get ready to have loads of fun, while giving your body a great workout!

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