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So, where is everyone going?? It’s the month most traveled, so if you are pulling out a suitcase anytime soon, we are here to help you pack!

Travel is fun, but HARD on our bodies, and overall wellbeing. Whether you’re going to relax on a beach, or trek through tiny, European streets you are putting unfamiliar strain on yourself so it’s really important to be prepared.

Here is our list of must have healthy travel essentials for your upcoming vacay!

  • Natural sunscreen
    You really don’t want to be stuck buying the conventional, chemically stuff in a pinch. Pack a substantial amount of your favourite non-toxic sunscreen. We love Green Beaver. Great for kids too, as it goes on smooth and comes in both a cream and spray.
  • Reusable Water bottle
    Not buying plastic water bottles helps reduce the amount of waste on the planet so be proactive towards the environment this year and bring along your reusable bottle. Reducing your carbon footprint is possible, even when abroad!
  • Probitoic
    Traveler’s constipation is highly likely so keep a good quality probiotic on hand to get everything going as it should.
  • Saje Halo Roll On
    If you haven’t tried this, now would be a good time. Traveling to hotter places than Ontario might leave you with frequent headaches due to dehydration. It’s really easy to forget to drink enough so grab one of these before you go. Bonus: they are plane-friendly!
  • Tea Tree Oil
    A bit more essential oil talk for you. Tea tree oil is one of nature’s amazing antiseptics so keep a small bottle in your bag incase of unforeseen injuries. It’s great for minor cuts and scrapes!
  • Snacks
    It’s always a good idea to keep some munchies on hand as you never know when hunger will strike, especially while you over exert yourself while sight seeing. Healthy snacks may include, but are not limited to: granola bars, hummus and crackers, cut up veggies, hard boiled eggs.

Bon voyage, friends!

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