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Summer is now in full force, and so are all the delightful things that come with it… pool parties, BBQs, late nights, and of course, school’s out so the kids are taking up all your time!

It’s easy to get off track in the summer when it comes to health and fitness because you are probably feeling really good about life, all the hard work you put in throughout the winter is paying off with that new swim suit you finally fit into, and you’re most likely spending a lot of time outdoors so, to heck with your cardio class!

The nice thing about routine is it’s something that comes easy. You make a plan, you stick to it and voila, the results come pouring in. Guess what happens when you lose your routine? You have a really hard time getting it back/ Something [like working out] that once seemed so easy because it was just another part of your day is now really tough to reel back in again come Fall.

Here are five tips to keep cardio in your life this summer:

  1. Find a cardio buddy! Guess who is dying to try Fitbox and be just like you? Your teenager, so bring them along to your next class.
  2. Schedule your classes Sunday night at 9 p.m when registration opens. You will be more committed if you’ve set the standards for the week.
  3. Missed a class because there are too many fun things going on? No problem! We have loads of class times to choose from, just be sure to make it up another day. You Fitbox four times a week? Be sure to get each class in somewhere.
  4. If you can’t make up that class, don’t beat yourself up, just be sure to stay away from the snowball effect, also known as the summer slump.
  5. Eat well [most of the time]. Feeling low about yourself is a sure way to get off track completely. If you over indulge at a party, no problem! You will make up for it next class.

See you on the mats, allll summmer looong!!!!!

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