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Dads are the hardest people to shop for. They either have everything they want, don’t want anything, or simply like to pick their own stuff, so don’t even bother because you probably won’t get it right.

Want to get it right this year?

Food! Dad’s LOVE food!

Brunch is always a winner. I have never met anyone who didn’t love a hearty late morning spread, and don’t worry, we aren’t going all hearty-healthy, and gluten free on you.

Roll up your sleeves and get cracking… literally!

Eggs Benedict

Eggs are great any way but these are a real crowd pleaser and go with just about any sort of brunch. They are perfect on toast, even better on waffles, and for the dad who is watching his figure, they are wonderful solo too.

Deep Dish Bacon and Leeks Quiche

filled with fluffy eggs, cheese and crispy bacon this quiche is a meal on its own, but a wonderful addition to your Father’s Day brunch.

Apple and Sausage Patties

These are a definite hit! The delicious blend of sweet and savoury make it a perfect addition to any menu.

Nutella Stuffed Pancakes

If your dad has a sweet tooth, he’ll love these Nutella flapjacks. Also a great option when getting the little ones involved with the cooking.

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