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Can you imagine a world with no plastic? Probably not.

Can you imagine a world where you are not handed a plastic straw at every turn? More and more people are working towards such a world and with minor, everyday changes, so can you.

Environmental activists like The Last Straw Toronto have taken the situation into their own hands by urging bars and restaurants to ditch straws for one day (April 21st) in an effort to decrease the impact of seemingly harmless straws.

So what are you supposed to be doing? Tucking a reusable straw in your back pocket in the event that you might need one?

Pretty much!

By switching to reusable straws you will drastically contribute to the decrease in plastic waste that ends up in landfills every day.

Did You Know?

  • Disposable plastic straws are TOXIC! They contain BPA, which has been linked to brain and behaviour problems, increased risk of cancer, and other health issues.
  • Disposable plastic straws are among the top 10 most common items of garbage found in oceans? The U.S alone consumes over 500 million each day.
  • Disposable plastic straws are really hard to recycle because they are so small. They may get broken down but never really biodegrade, they just get dispersed as trash, and usually end up in the oceans—an extreme hazard to marine life.
  • It takes roughly 200 years for a disposable straw to leave the planet.

Back to keeping that straw in your pocket…

Reusable straws are on trend, and people are literally carrying them around for their water, smoothies, fast food meals, and juice.

They are becoming easier and easier to come by as more and more environment-conscious consumers take part, and come in a bunch of different forms:

  • Stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Bamboo
  • Silicone

Brands like Glass Sipper and Enviro Glass Straw are eager to eliminate the use of disposable plastic straws and draw more people into a more sustainable way of life.

Ways you can help
  • Decline the straw
  • Invest in a reusable straw
  • Dispose of your plastic straw responsibly

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