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We all have that thing we can’t live without. That thing that keeps us going, motivates us, keeps us from punching our coworkers. It’s our boost of energy—it makes us feel good. Without it, life is dull!

Dare we assume that for you that thing is Fitbox?

Yeah it’s hard but you keep coming back for more.

Here is a list of signs that you might be a Fitbox fanatic!

  1. 9 PM on Sunday is “Me Time”
  2. You find yourself jabbing in the car when your favourite Fitbox song comes on.
  3. You get to class early to get your favourite bob.
  4. Songs on the radio are just too slow.
  5. You consider faking a sudden headache when Pablo is subbing unexpectedly.
  6. You look at the clock at least once during class—this feels like the longest 45 minutes of your life.
  7. You’ve brought at least one friend to class with you just to show off.
  8. As your legs feel like they may give out on you, you question your sanity mid-class… “why do you love this again?”
  9. Sometimes you’re so into hitting your B.O.B you swear you could have been a prize fighter.
  10. You’re much more irritable when you miss a class, so much so that even your loved ones notice.
  11. You have a love/hate relationship with the wait-list system.

1-4: You’re definitely a fan, but not quite a fan-atic!

4-7: You’re hardcore, that’s for sure!


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