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You did it! You reached your goal weight, and all your hard work has finally paid off. You hear the voices in the back of your head that say no one sheds pounds for good. This is not true, especially if you have taken the time and put in the hard work to change your lifestyle to a healthy, active one. There is some truth to the claim that losing weight and keeping the pounds off is a challenge, however.

Maintaining your new lifestyle of healthy food, regular workouts, and self-care rituals is a huge step to keeping your weight off, but we have dug a bit deeper and brought you four ways to truly preserve your goal weight.


1. Accept the Good Days and the Bad

There will be days where your meals are perfect, and your activity level is amazing. Then there will be those days of indulgence where you are celebrating an occasion, have a super sweet tooth, or simply having a crappy day and need some comfort food. As long as you stay on track and accept that “bad days” happen, you will be ready to get back to your healthy regime quickly enough so that it doesn’t affect your progress. Don’t get discouraged by a slip here and there, just make sure there are way more good days than bad.


2. Value your Life

Valuing the way in which you live your life is a really great way to keep up your healthy lifestyle. You have lost weight, you feel amazing, so you are spending more time valuing the good in your life, rather than beating yourself up for not meeting your own expectations. Appreciate how far you have come and bask in all the new benefits, like freely wearing a pair of shorts, or running to the park with your kids. Remember, there is great joy in the little things.


3. Tame the Stress

Stress is inevitable but if you are able to sense the triggers, you are more likely to see it coming and less likely to binge eat (if that’s how you deal with stress, which a lot of people do). When you get into a routine of soothing stress by eating, you are heading down a slippery slope, which is difficult to climb out of. Cravings are notorious when we are stressing out so when you feel those helpless, or defeated emotions come on, acknowledge them and find a different way to tame them, like going for a walk, sipping a herbal tea, or doing something else to rejuvenate.


4. Remember you are Human

We are all in this game called life together and there isn’t anyone out there who will tell you that bad days don’t happen. The key to successfully keeping your weight off is to identify when there is a problem, when you are slacking, and telling yourself it’s okay to falter, but not okay to be defeated by that slip. When you step back on the scale and see the numbers creep up or put on a pair of jeans that suddenly seem a bit snug, it’s easy to experience feelings of self-destruction. Remember you are not a superhero and you are able to get back on track. Do it right away. This takes practice, but you can do it!




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