Staying Active during Pregnancy

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Keeping active is important for everyone, including expectant mothers. Along with the obvious joys of pregnancy comes a whole list of physically demanding challenges including back pain, muscle pain and fatigue—to ease discomfort, it’s important to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the term First and foremost, whether you are an athlete… Read more »

6 Stunning Hikes to add to your Bucket List

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You could live five lifetimes and not cover all the beautiful hiking spots across the map. The list of scenic trails around the world is quite large and the ones waiting to be discovered, even bigger. We recently followed Pablo as he traveled through Peru, and paddled down the Amazon River— not your typical laid back… Read more »

10 Snacks that Burn Fat

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The best way to stick to a healthy meal plan is snacking outside of your regular meals to control hunger. Consuming snacks that help to burn fat will keep you satisfied all day long so that when it comes to mealtime, your portions remain moderate because you aren’t starving. Snacking can be the best thing… Read more »