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Have you ever come across someone running in shoes that look like feet?81y6uK2NrnL-1._SL1500_

You probably thought why on earth would anyone pick those off the shelf?

That athlete is probably aware of the benefits that come from running, walking and working out barefoot. They hope to stabilize their natural rhythm with foot to earth contact and these shoes are the next best thing to a barefoot jog.

The benefits of going without shoes are incredible so here is some insight on how you help your body with every barefoot step you take.Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 8-1.48.08 PM

Walking, running and working out in bare feet takes us right back to our roots, before shoes came about. Many cultures around the world continue this age-old tradition for 100% of their lives.  Our feet are the foundation of support –they are the only part of our body that touches the ground when we run, walk or jump so naturally they need to be kept strong and agile. Exercising them without the support of shoes does this.

While there is still some concern about injury, the active world is becoming more and more aware of the benefits and many sports, including martial arts and yoga, implement this method to promote a healthy body.

So what are the benefits?baby-walking1-1


  • We spent the majority of our childhood barefoot and more than likely took our first  step on wiggly toes. Slowly we learned to balance and this balance is said to come from the energy in the earth. When we wear shoes, our feet lose a lot of that connection.
  • Another benefit is that going barefoot stabilizes the muscles in our feet and ankles making them stronger. Shoes give them a lot of support so over time they become lazy.
  • Constantly shoving our feet into shoes leads to common orthopedic problems such as bunions, corns and athlete’s foot.
  • Strengthening your feet and ankles reduces the risk of torn ligaments and other injuries.
  • Airing out your feet when possible reduces bad odours.

The human body is interconnected so working out barefoot improves muscle alignment and can reduce orthopedic pain. Participating in activities such as Fitbox, where it is necessary to be barefoot, is the perfect time to strengthen those muscles, which get sluggish during the day cooped up in shoes.

Start slow. If your feet are sensitive ease into a barefoot routine. Unfortunately going for a jog without runners can be dangerous so look into finger shoes if you’re hitting the trails but when training indoors, lose the shoes where possible.

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